Block Parties
Leader: Tom Lockett

A Block Party is typically an outreach to involve families in an identified neighborhood in a relaxed activity to meet members of FBC.  The photo to the right pictures fun at a block party in the front yard of a member's home.  This event introduced families to VBS and other programs at FBC and was well received by those who enjoyed a sandwich, ice cream and games provided.

This  block party was staged by members of the Mission Committee in a neighborhood of one of FBC's members.  The event pictured featured a BBQ and games for the kids.  The event also served as an invitational event to acquaint those who attended with the upcoming VBS program and included a registration opportunity for same.  

Anyone interested in hosting a block party or in staging one in a particular neighborhood may contact Tom Lockett , Chairman of the Mission Committee at  573-248-5003  (call or text) or email him at